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Emotions And Health

“Immortality—a fate worse than death.” – Edgar A. Shoaff

When we are young we all believe we are immortal and only look to the future. We can do anything, and often do!

Emotions And HealthAs we add on years our perspective changes. Life and its’ lessons have made us different. Depending on our experiences we become wiser, cautious, scared, or beaten. We are not the carefree people believing this life goes on forever.

Of course in reality we all know no one gets out of here alive.
Before age fifty we talk about what we are going to do. After fifty we look at what we have done and what the ‘ending’ might be.

Our emotional lives are the core of being alive. We hopefully have learned how to love and that means we can be loved in return. If not that search or emptiness goes on forever.

There can be upheavals, and drastic crises. How we weather them tells a lot about our strength in many areas.

We may become stronger or we may weaken, or we may, in fact, crumble.

How we feel and act will affect how we feel physically. There is no discussion here about mental health as that is a whole other chapter. Actually the people who are psychopaths or schizophrenic are usually quite healthy physically.

An interesting statistic is that only two hundred years ago the life expectancy was thirty!

Emotions And HealthToday with all our medical advances we are here a lot longer… like it or not!

What we do with our time is up to us. Depending on our talents and ambition we can create a better world, both within ourselves, and without. We have many resources to assist us in the process of both avenues of pursuit.

The practical aspects are there for our taking and applying ourselves. The inner journey is more difficult and many choose not to even take a look. That can be a problem. That leads to ‘emotional dwarfs.’

Having worked for years with the inner life of people and families and working in a large wonderful hospital for years I have observed some things.

These are some of my observations.

When and how individuals become ill is fascinating.

Asthma is a cry to, ‘save me.’

When the person is emotionally ‘tight’ they get sick. When ‘loose’ they are healthy.

Diabetes usually involves some sort of emotional threat. As a result the person ‘decides’ to get sick. These people are usually well defended and conform.

Gall bladder problems are from pent up anger and even fury. That black bile has years to accumulate.

Heart issues naturally involve a restless or anxious nature often coupled with stress. It can include feeling uncertain about oneself and being competitive.

Migraines are often the result of repressed anger, mainly with a mother.

Hypertension can be a somatic regression to childhood.

Cancer usually occurs at a point in time when there is a major life change with a feeling of loss of control. Many times the onset is with a loss of a love object, and loneliness.

Now all of this may be seen as gobbledygook but I have taken many histories and seen it up close.

You can think what you wish but look around and test it out.Emotions And Health

Our brains are divided with the left side controlling language, math, reasoning and logic. The right side is responsible for spatial relations, intuition, music, and happiness.

My theory is that we are either strong in one side or the other. When people have strokes, for example, you can see the differences depending on the side affected.

Where does all this lead us if we choose to give any of it credence?

To the final analysis, as always, with me… happy people have happy cells, and are healthy!!

We are all here temporarily Make your temporary emotionally good and in turn you will be healthier. Even when stuff hits you out of the blue; recovery will be faster and better.

And where does happiness come from, true intense happiness… you know by now… great sex coupled with love!! Go for it!!!

”We are no more than candles burning in the wind.” – Japanese proverb

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