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Welcome to Chapters in Love, this blog is for anyone who has been in love, is in love and for whoever is looking for love. Lynn is a licensed marriage and  family counselor and sex educator for over thirty years. She will guide you to a fuller experience of loving and being loved.  It is never easy and there is no school for romance, you will find the tools and guides to a richer potential. There is no great love without great sex and vice versa.  She will explore the chapters together with you from start to finish. This blog will include humor, literature, music and anything else that assists in the process of loving and being a partner.  We will also have feature unique information and if anyone wants her personal attention; you can E-mail Lynn at Lynn@ChaptersinLove.com  All Emails will remain confidential.  We are striving to make your journey with Chapters In Love a beautiful, educational, and most enjoyable one.

Only with Love and Passion can life be Wondrous.

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