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Jewelry Means Love

To pretend to satisfy one”s desires by possession is like using straw to put out a fire.” – Chinese Proverb

A woman unsatisfied must have luxuries. But a woman who loves a man would sleep on a board. D.H. Lawrence

If it isn’t shiny and I can’t wear it around my neck it ain’t no present! Yes, that’s true sometimes but not always.

Mothers need to teach their sons how to woo a girl.

Flowers are lovely and candy is thoughtful but jewelry really counts!

Little boys should learn that. Big boys certainly know it.

Now there are many aspects to this theory.

If you have limited funds a thoughtful memento will do wonders.

It’s something that is a silent reminder of the caring and it shows you he does care. It’s a concrete method of showing love.

Now there are other purposes for buying jewelry when it comes to grown men.

It can be a declaration of how much money I can spend on this stuff. It can be notice my Jewelry  Love gorgeous partner. It can be a makeup gift for a wrong committed. It can be a command from a spouse who has put in the time or delivered the children. It can be a substitute for real feelings and expressions of them. It can be for someone not a partner that needs that reassurance. It can be… you name it.

What it is and how much it costs is another factor for consideration.

The thought that goes into the selection is important and often women pick out what they want and the guy just writes the check. But sometimes it is truly,”The Gift Of The Magi.” Who can forget that story and the sweet sacrifices made to please the partner?

Whatever is behind it the woman will surely take it as a declaration of a concrete manifestation of love, deluded or not.

When it is truly a loving gesture the recipient knows it and appreciates it and can show her love in return. She too can buy things for him but jewelry is really the mainstay of a man’s domain when it comes to showing his appreciation and love for his woman. It should bring him joy and the giving should be in keeping with his ability to buy something nice.

If he is tight with money or believes he can “buy” love he is usually not a fully loving person. Jewelry LoveThese people have either struggled for their money, can’t give totally in any way, or think they have to buy caring. Very sad.

So, in view of all of this I have developed a ‘love” jewelry line which will soon be available in fine stores, called “The Wings of Love.” Pictures will soon be available on this site and information about how to obtain the items will be included. It is for the romantics and dates, or initials or a small message can be engraved on the back. It is truly beautiful, affordable and when you wear it you will know how truly loved you are!

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