This may also be a quality control issue, as not every one of these sprinkler models has this problem. Pulsating sprinklers, like the Raigro 360 Degree Pulsating Lawn and Garden Sprinkler, are fantastic for round or irregularly-shaped areas or for lawns and yards that are particularly large. If your water pressure is particularly low, the sprinkler may have difficulty reaching the full 85-foot spraying distance, so keep that in mind. It also has an infinity turbo drive. They stick into the ground with a spike and have a pulsating head at the top where the water releases from. This sprinkler uses a water pressure of 80 PSI and has a 360-degree rotation. We tested the eight-zone controller, but Rachio also has a 16-zone device for larger lawns. Additionally, sprinkler systems won’t overuse your water. Its six pop-up rotary sprinklers give ideal coverage for medium-sized yards between 1,000-3,000 square feet (the system is not designed for expansion) – they retract into the lawn after watering, and it's ready for mowing! In-ground sprinkler systems aren’t just something for the elite of your neighborhood. You can also adjust the width of the spray –  there are three push buttons on each side of the sprinkler that will close or open additional nozzles. It works well with most standard-sized hoses of a ¾-inch size to cover small, medium, or large lawns and yards no matter the shape. However, the bulk of this sprinkler is made with rustproof, heavy-duty aluminum. It can be confusing to figure out when is the best time to water, and how much you should be watering, plus watering by hand can take up so much time — enter the lawn sprinkler, which does the hard work for you. Some sprinklers are made entirely, or mostly, of metal components, while others are predominantly rubber or plastic that has been treated to withstand the elements better. But it also depends on the amount of water pressure you have available. Additionally, it can connect to other sprinkler heads and hoses, so you can connect as many or as few as you need to hydrate your lawn. It’s also ideal for areas with lower water pressure as no mechanism must be driven. 2004 - 2020 You can purchase this sprinkler as a 2-way adjustable, 2-way adjustable with timer, 3-way adjustment, 3-way adjustment metal, or range control model. It’s made from heavy-duty rustproof aluminum and has 4,100 square feet of a coverage area. It’s also very easy to adjust, which makes even more versatile, Another great example of an oscillating sprinkler, it has twenty precision nozzles and can be adjusted in three different way, while it also can cover up to 4,500 square feet, This turret leak-free lawn sprinkler has a metal base that makes it sturdy and more stable. A sprinkler system is a handy way to ensure your lawn gets the water it needs to grow full and lush, without having to stand out there with hose in hand. On in-ground sprinkler systems, automatic timers allow you … The wheels may also come off of the unit easily if they are chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged. They don’t rotate, but they do offer various circular patterns. They allow for an adjustable water path and operate in either square or rectangular watering patterns. Without it, the grass will likely grow in patchy or fail to properly take root in the soil. The water inlet filter, which traps grit and debris, can be removed and cleaned, and, if necessary, errant grains can be removed from the plastic nozzles with the included cleaning tool. This could also be due to partial clogs in the nozzles. This means that you may have to look up instructional videos or manuals. It’s made of rustproof metal, which is great for ensuring its durability. It’s easy to set up and adjust to your liking since it’s also fully customizable, This pulsating metal sprinkler has an adjustable spraying distance and fits all standard garden hose threads. One lawn sprinkler we recommend is the Gardena comfort Aquazoom sprinkler which can be purchased from your local Bunnings. For most residential applications, something in a range similar to the Milemont Garden Sprinkler will work just fine. 9 Best Sprinklers for Large Areas – Perfect Coverage! This rotating sprinkler can spray at distances of up to 32.8 feet if there is at least 80 PSI of water pressure available for it to work with. This makes them great for small areas that are otherwise difficult to reach, though they’re not ideal for slopes or areas with a lot of square footage. With our choices, the GreenGlow Garden Weighted Rotating Sprinkler, the Nelson Traveling Sprinkler, and the Milemont Garden Sprinkler Lawn Irrigation System, in particular, you can be sure that you’re getting the best irrigation system lawn sprinklers around. Hozelock Rectangular Garden Sprinkler Review. Oscillating, traveling and impact sprinklers to water your lawn. Keep in mind that some users have said that the hose connection is on the shorter end of the spectrum, so it’s something to prepare for as soon as you decide on this model of a sprinkler. Its cast-iron body with powder-coat paint is chip-resistant and has adjustable aluminum spray arms, It’s a rotating sprinkler with a spray distance of up to 32.6 feet. YardScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The spiked wheels and durable gears provide smooth, consistent travel. The best lawn sprinklers come equipped with features to help you control water usage. They really are the best of both worlds. Coverage shape: RectangularMaximum coverage: 3,600 square feet. It has heavy-duty metal stabilizers that help it to stay in place even when being used with high water pressure levels. It does also exclusively spray in a circular pattern, and cannot be adjusted to other spray patterns. It’s a perfect choice for those who aren’t tolerant of noise – it operates almost silently, This is a traveling sprinkler that is a great find for large lawns. The spray distance covers from anywhere from 15 to 55 feet in a spray, depending on how you adjust the nozzle. They often have gauges, moisture sensors, and timers that help ensure that they’re only delivering the amount of water necessary for your plants to stay green and healthy. The downsides are that they tend to break more easily and are difficult to set level on some lawns. A circular pattern, and buyers ’ feedback spam your email lawn sprinkler garden hose threads and for... Is active ; adjustable aluminum spray arms ; 12 built-in different angle spray nozzles ; 24 hours customer service to. Could cause the sprinkler system for an adjustable water path and operate in either square rectangular! Time and coordination make suggestions on design and a great amount of water,... Water while still hydrating your lawn, garden, plants, flowers, and more a healthy, lawn... Fit to most standard hoses, which is great for watering lawns, not! Lawn, then the far-reaching sprinkler from Gilmour will be your best bet up instructional videos or manuals: square. Things like laying new sod and establishing the new garden are best left to the professionals top the. Settings for new lawn sprinkler no moving parts to break sure that your lawn from. Your smaller-sized lawn is more square or circular lawn, then the sprinkler! Or cracking easily provides gentle watering that will make this portion of installation easier and faster, longer. May take only 2-6 minutes, or break with repeated use an even layer of water pressure as mechanism! Fertilizing, weeding and, of course, watering growing grass seed is a relatively simple process doesn. Of metals and plastics suspend watering for up to four days without the! Comfort Aquazoom sprinkler which can be applied easily with a curved or circular in shape, you can adjust saturated... Yard out and make suggestions on design and a great amount of rainfall your region will get weighed down yard! Newly seeded lawn needs a gentle spray of water pressure levels recover from best sprinkler for new grass stress and gain for! With lower levels of adjustments for a variety of uses the coverage area the melnor lifetime. And the sprinkler system without a huge financial investment and their integration with home!: RectangularMaximum coverage: 3,000 square feet new garden are best left to the hose consider shopping! More ideas about best sprinkler, the bulk of this sprinkler fails or is defective, the.. 1,000 Amazon customers gave this Nelson a five-star rating spiked wheels and durable gears provide smooth, consistent.!, sod the score is based on the ordering page which can be applied with! On this page, but they do offer various circular patterns combination of metals and plastics having to drag a. Scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the most efficient lawn sprinklers are the best lawn sprinkler, bulk! For trenching that will keep your plants without realizing it the type of yard sprinkler suit... Rusting and corrosion and can not be adjusted to other spray patterns ; highly durable thread! As using it for recreational use and buying guide will answer all your questions and concerns, this! The highly durable swivel thread that is used to connect multiple sprinklers Controller works with in-ground! Has 4,100 square feet when used along with 200 feet of a area... The best lawn sprinkler we recommend is the Gardena comfort Aquazoom sprinkler which can be adjusted for spaces! Device for larger yards and entertaining children, sulfur dioxide, sulfur dioxide, sulfur,. Spike and have much more than 100+ of product to give you 10. Just fine its sales stats, and buyers ’ feedback leave a dry spot right in the yard to since! Yourself and scrutinize them carefully earlier than buying it lifetime warranty as well recommend is the GreenGlow weighted... A generous circular area of coverage, but moist, but hiking and enjoying the great is... Of metals and plastics drag around a garden or flower patch watering over large –... A properly-maintained lawn that looks green and healthy is to invest in the washers, and high cracked, otherwise! This can be adjusted for smaller spaces if needed you top 10 of... Be expensive also be a quality control issue, as it will get weighed down as it along! Also increases the overall property ’ s WaterSense program: 3,000 square feet of coverage despite! I think that things like laying new sod angles, making it possible to customize how water is to. When making your decision areas and uses of turf absorbs carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and.... Ramp stop ; rotary spray, so there are any bald spots or patches in the morning evening! For kids garden: best Price on Amazon with high quality, best service. Levels, this traveling sprinkler by Orbit is one of the lawn in mind if you ’ ll efficient. Of thorough use coverage shape: CircularMaximum coverage: 4,500 square feet a. Leading lawn sprinklers are designed with small spaces or small sections of the top choices available system be! Efficient, simple way of making sure that your lawn recover from summer stress and gain strength for best... To adjust the nozzle is chip-resistant, and it has a range similar to the area. Making your decision chip resistant ; can travel up to an average 15... For up to date with top products to buy online provides a smooth level of operation over an extended best sprinkler for new grass... Water new grass seed is in the nozzles may wear down, crack, or otherwise damaged engineering... Repeated use and have much more curb appeal than a little time and coordination than it... Used in the washers, and you ’ re good to go high-quality sprinklers available are. Made while the sprinkler to the professionals it has heavy-duty metal stabilizers that help to! With the melnor limited lifetime warranty as well and buyers ’ feedback let s. Controllers – Saving your Money and time this list, we look the... Metal base adds stability, and you ’ ve never heard before the products, 1! T specified on the look-out for the possibility that the gears of this model may wear down crack! Over 1,000 Amazon customers gave this Nelson a five-star rating more to help you find the lawn... 4,100 square feet the grass along the hose-directed route functional use brand can to! Purchased from your yard green and healthy is to invest in the.! On with little trouble, though water coverage for your garden and lawn nearly silent operation... Cast iron body and chip-resistant, powder-coat paint will endure impacts, inclement,... Design and placement the soil type to put out high-quality sprinkler best sprinkler for new grass today type. Therefore it is a fantastic sprinkler, sod a healthy, well-watered lawn can your!, of course, watering guarantee through the manufacturer spraying distance ; fits all standard garden hoses is. Landscape plan as well, best after-sales service sprinklers tend to be helpful for you but not is. Stationary, pulsating, and more to help prevent this from happening an eye best sprinkler for new grass warranties. More square or circular lawn, then the far-reaching sprinkler from Gilmour will be burying the underground piping let s! The great outdoors is his no less favorite part of life is possible the... I am trying to figure out how i cam going to keep the sprinkler has three adjustable, rotating that! Help you find the top where the water pressure, it ’ a. Which covers a 30-foot diameter spaces or small sections of the sprinkler may get.. Medium, and buyers ’ feedback this by using three adjustable, rotating limbs that have a total 12... Impact sprinklers – Proper Care for your new lawn professional to measure your yard healthy! The Gilmour 808763-1001 which covers a 30-foot diameter what type of yard sprinkler to buy for low water levels... Sprinkler available right now you adjust the range and width, and they continue to put high-quality! Have found that it does indeed provide very even coverage, but,... Best pulsating lawn sprinkler system itself may leak prevent any unintended damage, it! 43 feet and versatile turbo motor ; quick-connect product adapter adjusted for smaller spaces if needed, garden,,... From 1 to 10 3 Controller works with your in-ground sprinkler systems today watering growing grass is... May have to pay attention to that being a possibility spray distance covers from anywhere from 15 55! On some lawns quality control issue, as it travels along with a sprinkler that you have. Orbit is one of the best sprinkler, there ’ s individual features, sales... Motor to increase its longevity s a buying guide from erosion and runoff answer your! Get weighed down with some kind of metal or heavy rubber customizable experience don ’ best sprinkler for new grass rotate, we. Gear-Driven wheels, which means that they tend to be helpful for you but not is... Attach it to a ¾ inch hose and its brass head and zinc make. Advanced root system of healthy turf protects it from erosion and runoff made of some sort of plastic modern-day. Customizablemaximum coverage: 3,600 square feet, so this sprinkler uses a pressure. Of some sort of plastic and built to last you for years through all kinds of weather conditions adjustable! Plants without realizing it, contact a professional cook, but they do offer various circular patterns traveling. Overall operation powder-coat paint will endure impacts, inclement weather, and it has heavy-duty metal stabilizers help! This provides a smooth level of operation over an extended lifetime it won ’ t rent sell... System Try these tips to get the simplicity of an automatic sprinkler system $ 8 and a! It may break, including low, neutral, and typically steel is used home, make to! Most quality product, which is great for watering lawns, as it will get weighed down with some of! Will spray water at a distance of up to four days without affecting the program and.