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Orgasm And Feminism

“Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.” – Socrates

So what’s the deal with feminism? What does it mean and how is it translated into action between the sexes?24165349_s

I have lived long enough to see a huge transition in the ways in which women and men relate to one another.

This thing called feminism is the basic reason, and a lot of it has to do with wonderful advances in the field of human sexuality, such as birth control.

As a result women are no longer victims of their role as mothers, unless they choose to be.

With the advent of furthering their education they also have moved into different realms.

People like Gloria Steinem wrote about the issues and others followed. Attitudes changed and so did behavior.

Now, I for one, believe in women using all their talents and becoming accomplished in whatever field they choose, but I also believe there are basic differences that need to be both acknowledged and given in to, so to speak.

Some changes are wonderful.   Orgasm And Feminism

It used to be the rare woman who went to college, let alone graduate school. It used to be the rare woman who was respected in her field. It used to be the rare woman who was sexually free and enjoyed that aspect of her life. Fortunately much of this has changed. BUT, and it’s a BIG but, there have been some changes that I think have diminished the true nature of most women; to be sensuous and desirable to men.

I have watched aggressive women act in ways that I think take away from their ability to be what I call, feminine. You know it when you see it or feel it.

True, not all women want marriage or to be mothers. That’s fine. Today we have options like never before. Good ones too.

Really equal in education or profession and equal reimbursement should be the standard.

Equal in expectation in bed… that’s a key to what being feminist is about, or should be.

Recently I had a great conversation with a young woman going on twenty.

She has a boyfriend for over two years. They enjoy a sexual relationship.

When we talked, as I always do, about the intimacy, she said she was a feminist and he learned to please her as well as himself!

For a young man I was curious about how that happened. Not the usual behavior of young men, even today.

She answered quite simply,” I taught him!” What an education! This guy is set for life!! And how smart of her to go after what is so important for women.

Now there are women who act more like what we traditionally think of as men as opposed to being ‘full’ women. Many of them seek power in areas such as business or politics. The qualities needed for success here are different from what we think of as truly female.

You can look at some of them. Many are not very attractive, but some of that is changing too… slowly.

The story of one woman is relevant here and not well known. It is the history of Hatshepsut the most powerful woman Pharaoh in Egypt. She ruled for twenty-two years and did wonderful things for the country.23988446_s

She was born in 1508 B.C. and died in 1458 B.C. She married her step-brother who was a child, which was common then. Her father had no son so when he died she was twelve and became Queen. Her husband was sickly and he also died after ruling for fifteen years.

She had a daughter, and no son. The closest male heir was a nephew who was also still a child. She became regent and was the real ruler. After a few years she crowned herself Pharaoh. She was not yet thirty. The nephew was too young to object.

Interestingly she had an adviser who was believed to also be her lover. Good!

She had many buildings and statues built as a way to assert her authority and she dressed as a male along with a fake beard!

Her death was attributed to bone cancer from creams she used for a skin condition.

The nephew became Pharaoh, had many of her self-statues destroyed and became a good leader in his own right.

Look around at today’s ‘leading’ women.

Today female politicians can wear dresses OR pants suits!!

“I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.” – Marilyn Monroe