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Prove That You Love Me

“Love is always bestowed as a gift- freely, willingly, and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.” – Leo Buscaglia

There are so many stories showing ‘proof’ of love that we could never exhaust the list. Famous ones are there from the bible, mythology, history, and contemporary lives. There is your very own way of showing and exhibiting what you feel when you truly love someone.

Now it all depends on your abilities, capacities, and knowledge.

The Romeo and Juliette story is known to us all and few of us would want to kill ourselves for love but some do. Cleopatra is in that list. The beautiful story of Eurydice and Orpheus is a great one. She is bitten by a snake and dies and goes to Hades. He is so overwrought that he begs Hades to let him bring her back to earth. His music is so sweet and moving that she was released with the provision that he not look back as she followed him back to earth. As he approached earth he wanted to be sure she was there and as he turned to look she was swept back to Hades. Whenever you hear music that mourns lost love it is his!

Then there are the talented people who use their lovers as muses.

There are many in this list as well.

Some of them include Billy Joel who wrote wonderful music inspired by his love.

Picasso who painted the women he loved who gave him inspiration.

Hemmingway whose four wives helped us have great stories.

Balanchine whose ballets were often choreographed for his muse.

Then there is the long list of those who gave something according to their resources. When you love there is nothing that is too much to do or give.

Randolph Hearst had a castle built in America. Elizabeth Taylor collected jewelry, and she also gave to her loves.

Pamela Harriman was given rare paintings. Angelina Jolie has children. President Harding wrote love letters.

President Roosevelt left money in his will. Nelson Rockefeller gave money for property.

Jackie Onassis endured hurt with dignity and grace.

Julia Child whose husband’s love gave us great recipes.

This list goes on forever.

The other proofs of love can come from many sources depending on your position, and resources.

Samson cut his hair and lost his strength. The Duke of Winsor gave up the throne of England.

Prove That You Love MeNapoleon made Josephine his Empress. Tsar Nickolas had Faberge design fabulous jewels. Ralph Lauren designs gorgeous clothes.

Again think of what you do for your love to prove it. What does your love do for you to prove it?

The proof of loving someone should flow. It is not calculated. There is no price tag on it. Although the reality is that you know what you are capable of and what you can spend. That is in the mix, but the wanting to do and give should be there in full force; just as it is in the physical side of things. There can be no limit to the touching, hugging, kissing and intimate moments which include full abandoned sex that is shared. There’s a real proof!!

So in the end there are many ways to prove this thing called love. It includes the little things; the compromises, maybe even sacrifices, fighting for love, paying attention, doing the big things like changing in certain areas, doing what you don’t want to, not being hurtful, putting up with things you don’t like, protecting your loved one in every way, keeping love alive no matter the time spent together or even distance, and bringing things the partner will enjoy.

The story of Camelot is a good one. It goes back to King Arthur’s day.

His wife Guinevere falls madly in love with his faithful knight, Lancelot. He declares his love for her and they have a passionate affair for years.

When Arthur finally learns about it, it became a catalyst for events that ultimately destroyed the Knights of the Round Table. She ends up in a convent and Lancelot leaves the kingdom. “Tant pis” as the French say… too bad!
Proof is in the pudding… make it a good one!!

“You can’t put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories.” – Melanie Clark

Tell me how do you know you are loved and what do you do to show it to your loved one?

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