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Relating Through Technology

“Planned obsolescence is another word for progress.” – James Jeffrey Roche

If you “look at the history of people relating to one another you will find that what is going on today seems rather sterile. We have come from living with families or living near one another   to barely connecting in person for any period of time.

Our wonderful technology now allows us to see one another, talk to each other, and write instantly to whomever we wish. It is a wonder to be sure and the ability to relate in this variety and fashion is the stuff of science and new ideas.

Now, what does it all mean?

Relating Through Technology
Relating Through Technology

What has or has not improved and gotten better? For my money, it is both great and awful depending on who is connecting with whom and what is really going on. When I go out, everyone has a phone in their ear or on their lap. Is everybody ‘talking’ to …whom?

I suspect much of the ‘jibber-jabber’ is nonsense. I also have a suspicion that many are calling the weather or their mothers just to look busy and important. How many conversations  can go on that is so valuable?

Yes, it is good for emergencies, for appointments and getting information. But constantly??

It is most interesting to me that some ‘emotional’ conversation does happen.

I have even heard of a partner announcing they wanted a divorce through social media!

The dating scene is great as it opens up the world for meeting and getting to know new people. However, it has also been fraught with weird people masquerading as someone they are not,      or people who plan to take advantage of someone they meet. It also provides the opportunity     to keep on searching for ‘someone better.’ That search may never end.

The relationships can be short term and rather superficial. This prevents true intimacy. That is a big problem down the road.

While companies, politicians, entertainment, and news can be widely and quickly spread the difficulty is who to believe and what are the sources of information. Who decides what is real?

Another issue is that most people only follow those individuals who agree with their own philosophy and never get to hear a new or different point of view. That reinforcement does not cause people to grow and learn. Not a good thing.

There is a new form of technology every other minute it seems and everyone wants the newest gadget. Is that progress? Is it all necessary? We all have to decide what we want and even better, what we feel we really need in our lives.

Seeing four-year old’s playing video games at a family dinner is not my idea of connecting with one another for long term memories of family.

Watching young adults at a restaurant looking at their phones and texting is definitely not my idea of the road to romance.

Having a robot for all sorts of purposes, including, sex, is not my preference either!

It is all a bit much.

Cars that drive themselves; what next?

We seem to all be isolated in our own little worlds; not emotionally with each other, not talking together

 Relating Through Technology
Relating Through Technology

about what is important; feelings, and heart to heart.

Do we even know our neighbors anymore? Their names, their lives, their needs, and ideas? As we become more independent and isolated it can only get worse.

When we lived with family nearby, with friendly relations with neighbors and with the diversity we were able to be both independent and socially joined. It was a good feeling, most of the time.  We also learned how to get along and negotiate and deal with problems.

How is that learned today? With a gun?

Technology is wonderful for all the good it does; helping with the things that took up time like housework, or travel, or communication. We really need to examine how much we need and how it all affects our daily lives and intercourse together.

Being able to see and talk to a grandchild far away is lovely and fun, but it will never replace holding them and giggling in your arms!

Use technology as you wish; just make sure you are not sacrificing the real deal; being close and joined in the significant ways that make us human.

“In their worship of the machine, many Americans have settled for something less than a full life, something that is hardly even a tenth of life, or a hundredth of a life. They have confused progress with mechanization.”  – Lewis Mumford