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Resolution: Be Happier In 2014

“Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. “ – Joseph Addison

Now happiness is not a constant state. We need unhappiness actually to know what feeling good is.

You know if you are basically happy and you can only know it if you take the time to reflect. Some people cannot do that and are like the gerbil running around on that wheel not wanting to even think about their feelings. The body however will never deny the heart and there will be signs even if the individual has not allowed themselves to explore their emotional life. Signs can be nervousness, being on edge and irritable, taking out anger on others, working all the time, fanatical exercise, eating, drinking, taking pills, and so on.Resolution: Be Happier In 2014

To be thoughtful and face oneself is not easy.

A study was done not too long ago that said that enjoyment and happiness decrease gradually up to age 50 then rise steadily for the next 25 years and then decline slightly at the end. So, live long enough and you may achieve it!

When the New Year rolls around we look back and it’s a good time to decide how to be happier in the next year. No, there are no magic wands and your nature and life experience will factor in BUT you can work on it.

If you are alone, you might want to think if that is really how you want to live. Some people do choose that and are not lonely. No problem. BUT, if you are not satisfied, look at why you are alone. Can you do anything about your personality, reaching out to others, getting involved in things you enjoy and meet new people, or maybe, just maybe, compromise your standards and accept others for what they are, and not what you wish them to be?

That holds true for people in relationships as well.

There is no perfect and since we are all human and struggling to survive, we are all flawed and life is a struggle.

Some have terrible problems and are emotionally crippled for life. Others are just stunted and never grow emotionally and can never fully connect with intimacy. Sad but true.

How many happy couples do you know? Not everyone is able to be basically happy. Maybe it is the nature they were born with, maybe life beat them down, or perhaps they just can’t face it. Not everyone can be happy.

Whatever the reason, I believe that if you resolve to be happier you can do it.

Resolution: Be Happier In 2014 There are a few ways that cause people to  change. One is taking the time to gain  insight into yourself and your relationships,  the other is through good therapy, and it  should not be forever, another is through  crisis that breaks up the homeostasis, and  the final way is through a deep love for  another.



An interesting study found that passion is    ignited when we spot someone whose facial features are similar to our own.

 We can love ourselves so to speak.

 It is a common fact that pleasure is good for us and  healthy too.

 Sex has no age limit for enjoyment and it can last a      lifetime. Hooray!!

It can help us overlook things we are not happy about and it feels great if performed well. That, we need education about and combining great sex with orgasmic response can be the height of happiness even though the actual time involved is usually fifteen minutes for foreplay and ten minutes for the act itself. It goes a long, long way… !!!

Many times, you will tolerate a lot of ‘junk’ as a result.

Generally, you will find that unhappy people make others unhappy and happy people are joyful and others want to be close to them.

In ending, I hope you will think about all of this and face up to the truth so that 2014 will be a happier year for you!

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.” – Erich Fromm

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