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Sex Is In the Head

“Knowledge is power”  – ” Sir Francis Bacon

“The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less.” – Brendan Behan

Think about it… everyone is a prostitute… of sorts.

We all have sex for a variety of reasons and good sex includes knowing what and how to do IT.

Great sex includes love.

BUT we all do IT for a reason and that reason means we are prostituting ourselves for our particular needs. That’s true whether you want to believe it or not.

Look around at the people you know. Really look at their relationships and what they have going for them.Sex in the Head

How many are married because they wanted security? How many are together for the children?

How many are there for company? How many are there to have… sex? You fill in the blank.

The initial reason may have changed dramatically over the years as the individuals and their life circumstances and their emotional and intellectual development progressed. One person for life is a foolish promise and the premise is ridiculous. You must choose and re-choose the person. It can be quite a challenge.

Now about the sex act itself. What’s in your head???

What kind of education did anybody receive about that? How is the trial and error method working?

Where does control, pain as part of it, or other fetishes fit in? There’s a lot more to it than body holes and poles!

Yes it can be simple and the missionary position gets the job done BUT what a difference if the guy really knows how to excite his lady. What about the clitoris and massaging it, and what about slowly caressing her ALL over to bring her to that final release of ecstasy. The smells and the sounds and the discharge of vaginal fluid make him over the top happy. Does she know the Kegel exercises; squeezing the vaginal walls in and then out to make them firm? It helps.
For her part does she know how to use the squeeze technique to slow him down? Holding the shaft of the penis head as he rises and falls. Pressure under the base near the anus gives him pure delight, licking the scrotum…and so on.

Who teaches all this and who is free enough to learn and do it?

Not a whole lot of people.

Sex can be embarrassing.

As a therapist and sex educator for over thirty years I have heard it all.

I once had a prostitute come for counseling as she was having a problem with her husband.

She had been married about ten years and had the face of a beautiful, fresh farm girl.

She prostituted for money for her husband’s drug problem. He knew what she did.

When she talked about the details one curious thing came out. She said that the most money she received regularly was from a well-known older man who only wanted to look at her, touch her while she was clothed and talk. So what’s that about?

People are lonely and many feel unappreciated and cannot be themselves and still have a good sex life.

17731995_mIn a working relationship that is ongoing good sex can make up for a lot of crap, and compromising. It is the glue that keeps it going and makes it last.

If you want to be sexy use everything at your disposal, ALL THE TIME!!!

There are creams, bubble baths, candles, dinners, gifts, sweet talk, and lingerie. You think of it and it can be incorporated. Whatever pleases the participants is just fine!! Nobody else matters, or quite frankly gives a damn. Those that talk in moralistic tones are repressed or just plain jealous… probably with outlets that are ridiculous and very poor substitutes. Even creative or work output doesn’t hold a candle to lively, satisfying sex. Sex in the head is never as good as juicy sex with a partner in bed!

So, yes, prostitute yourself and while at it have a good time! The older generation had wives that were parasites on their husbands and this generation shares more equally and uses one another in better fashion. I, however still believe that the human species follows their ancestors with the woman being the nurturer and the man the slayer. Instincts don’t get wiped out, and sex with a receiver and a thruster are the roles we still play, as our anatomy dictates!

“I need sex for a clear complexion, but I’d rather do it for love.” – Joan Crawford