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Spread Your… Wings

So Mr. and Mrs. Stern married young and to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary she asked to have a first class weekend in New York at the St. Regis hotel.

He readily agreed and they check into a gorgeous suite with champagne and hors d’oeuvres waiting along with a huge bouquet of roses. He knew what to do!

After a bit, she asks if he would mind if she goes out shopping and he says, “Fine, have a good time. Here’s the charge card.”

Off she goes. She is gone a while and he becomes bored and decides to go down to the bar for a drink.

While there, a shapely good looking woman starts talking to him. She asks if he would like to have ‘a good time.’

He says he is old and not sure that is possible.

With that she says, “Go to your room; leave the door unlocked and I will come and do all that is necessary.” He goes.

Spread Your… Wings

As they are engaging in intimacy with a passion Mrs. Stern opens the door with her bags and sees what is going on.

She grabs him and throws him right out of the tenth story window.

Police arrive and he is dead.

Appearing in court the judge looks at her saying,”Mrs. Stern you are an intelligent woman who was married to that man so many years, why would you throw him out of a tenth floor hotel window?”

After a pause she looks at the judge and says,” I figured, if he could fuck, he could fly!”

So, when do you spread your legs and then fly with wings?

Well, it’s different at different ages.

Young people are learning and gaining experience. Hopefully they learn to see their bodies as their temples and allow certain people to worship there. Alcohol, while it can diminish the sex drive allows freedom of inhibition.

Today having one boyfriend may be a safety against promiscuity, and allow for emotional connection to grow. It takes time. Sex just for sex has its’ benefits but it is not enough for real love over time. Passion has to be nurtured to keep it alive and interesting.

Guys learn that females have the capacity to hurt you… intentionally often. Males are not so prone to do that. So, both genders are learning stuff.

The petty concerns of youth give way over time as relationships are allowed to mature. Love never comes easily or without pain.

It is like everything else in life; the more you know the better it is. It cannot happen by magic. An architect doesn’t just look at a building and say, “It’s nice” He knows what goes into making it. A surgeon looks at a broken bone and knows what it will take to fix it, and so on.

So too, with sex and love. The problem here is that there is no school to teach all people what is involved and the eternal search may never get fulfilled. Pity!!

Hench the reason for my life’s work and this blog. LEARN and learn early. It will be the best part of your entire life if you can do it.

Females are the gatekeepers and they are usually the ones to teach the men what to do and how to do it. Males are the weaker sex here and are dependent on the females spreading their legs, willingly and lovingly. It is not easy for either one of them.Spread Your… Wings

But it’s like other areas of this life… if all you know is Jello for dessert you never get to know how good strawberry shortcake is!!

Experience and communication on the deepest level are what you are after.

Sharing intimacy emotionally, intellectually and PHYSICALLY is the best, I promise. In this case practice does make perfect.

Avoidance and paying back for hurts, and not compartmentalizing areas of life will all get in the way but true connection will always come through and sex will make it feel good. If one person is not fulfilled then the other cannot be. All sorts of machinations go on to cover up the hole but nothing will work. It is ONLY that total human bonding that will make this short, stupid life worthwhile. Substitutes can get you through and many live their whole lives with half-assed ones, but somewhere deep inside if they take that minute to reflect they know the truth.

You can only avoid so long. The price paid is huge.

If you want to fly spread those legs and the wings will carry you to the sky!!

“If I told you, you have a beautiful body, you wouldn’t hold it against me would you?” – David fisher

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