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The First Job… Oh No

“Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do.”  – Oscar Wilde

Today you are supposed to consider yourself fortunate if you have a job… even if you have finished college.

Well, guess what, most first jobs are, as Eloise of the Plaza would say, “Boring, boring, boring.”

If you’ re in that twenty something age group you were probably spoiled and thought you were the smartest, greatest thing around. Now the real world sets in. You don’t want to live at home with parents and the only way to afford to move is with help, a trust fund, or a job.

Most find a job.The First Job… Oh No

The first problem is that you were probably not given skills that were marketable.

We need trade schools that teach kids how to do stuff!!

So, maybe you have a menial job and that doesn’t make you feel good and you have to take a lot of crap from many sources. Not a pleasant way to spend your days or nights.

Then maybe you’re in a field you thought you would like and guess what? You don’t.

Or maybe you quickly discovered you need more education and that too takes money.

Or, maybe you are in something you enjoy but the ins and outs of a job were never really taught or explained.

The real world is not pretty, or jumping to your tune or helpful.

Now there are things to be learned: how to dress, how to talk to superiors, how to move ahead. What questions do you have and whom do you ask? What can you reveal about your true feelings about the job and whom can you trust?

What about the social aspects during or after work?

All new.

A really big problem occurs when you are reporting to someone you don’t respect, or if you are smarter. Maybe you are, but like it or not, they have the upper hand. Or maybe you are deluding yourself. They got there because someone thought they belonged there.

Most first jobs are low level and not very interesting. It’s only a start, and keep your eye on the end goal. No one walks in at the top right away.

Now this world is a mess and there is much to do to make it better. We need all the skill and talent we can find. Not everyone is creative, ready to work hard, or willing to take risks. To move on you need to be included in that list.

Finding a mentor, someone who has done what you like and respect is a good idea. Most ‘successful’ people are happy to help you and share their experience. Just write or ask them.The First Job… Oh No

Since most of us are not at the pinnacle of whatever, we often have to adjust and make do at some point. But right out of the box should not be when that occurs. As a young person in a first job, get on with it and learn, learn, learn. There will be many more surprises and things you were never taught that you need to know in your life, as you grow.

If you get too emotional, angry, distraught, upset, or frustrated look for ways to adjust and look for other jobs. It is not easy today, and a lot of the world does whatever it has to, just to survive or provide for a family.

That’s just the way it is.

Find happiness in other aspects of life and follow what really turns you on and you will enjoy what you do; make a contribution to the world in your way, and you will be a success. Just follow your talents and instincts, and passion.

Putting in the time in the beginning is worth it in the end… usually.

Sometimes it takes a while for it all to jell but it will. Patience is not easy at young ages, I know, but try!

“I sometimes think of what future historians will say of us. A single sentence will suffice for modern man: he fornicated and read the papers.” – Albert Camus

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