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The Morphing Of Sex

“Of all the sexual aberrations, chastity is the strangest.”– Anatole France

What makes the world go round? Sex, of course!

Now, as in all other things, sex has changed over the years. You need only to look at the Kinsey report from only sixty years ago to see the differences.

Then, over seventy percent of couples performed only the missionary position… BORING!!

Then merely one third had ever engaged in oral sex.The Morphing Of Sex

Partner masturbation and anal sex… forget it.

Female orgasm…don’t even think about it.

The frequency… who knows?

Today there is a huge difference in a number of sexual behaviors.

Since the 1960’s and birth control there has been a steady increase in female satisfaction. What is especially fun to know is that eighty-five percent of males believe their partners are orgasmic while only sixty-four percent of the females report being orgasmic! Why fake it? Well, they say it makes their male partner feel good. Okay.

Today over ninety percent of men between the ages of twenty-five to twenty-nine report having had oral sex while almost ninety percent of females report having oral sex at least once. Progress?

The frequency of activity is low in the forty age range and is high early in life as well as late in life. Interesting.

All of it changing and for the better. Variety and sex videos and toys are readily available for those free enough to use them. Just thinking about sex gets you ready. The males get excited with erections and the females lubricate and the game is ON!

Alcohol is a social lubricant and can help or hinder. Too much inhibits the male performance and can cloud judgment. Caution is the word here.

When trying to explain to a young person what the sexual release is like it is often compared to a sneeze. The buildup and then the release that feels good. Trust me however, sex and sneezes… no comparison!

As people connect today with the online world there is a danger that intimacy is hard to achieve. One statistic that proves this is that one in twenty-five married men see prostitutes, and almost seventy percent describe their sex lives at home as, ’mechanical.’ They have partners that know little about what it takes to keep IT alive.

Good sex and love mean enchantment and complete vulnerability. Who teaches that? This post!!

Just thinking about, ’letting go’ and allowing IT to flow and his or her reactions will help.

The sounds and smells are so special and unique to each couple that they cannot be duplicated.

The Morphing Of Sex

Our technical culture and mind set do not assist in all of this. Calculation and thinking itself runs counter to being close and having great sex. That is a problem today. Being poetic, if you will, is not in our nature or culture so easily.

As a result people look for something more, and they have increased opportunity today to connect with other people. Affairs are commonplace and may, in fact, help keep a dead relationship going…which exists for other reasons…not real love.

So, yes, sexual behaviors, and thinking have changed; mostly for the better.

We know more, we experiment more, and we are freer. Yippee!

The whole area of homosexuality and transgendered love is also in the forefront. Why shouldn’t these groups share what heterosexuals have?

The expression of feelings is not new. Love is not new. How it is shown in the realm of sex is new and different.

Aberrant behavior has always been there but now we have a media like film showing it in living color to all of us.

Hence the new film, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.” Do we get ideas for our own lives from these things? Probably.

The rule of thumb is if two people agree to ANYTHING it is fine. It is only when someone is exploited that it is a problem or illegal.

The more we know, the more we practice, the better we are at whatever we do. So too with our sexuality. That values and science have helped us move along in this most vital of areas of human existence is indeed a blessing. Just think how long it would have taken for desire to be fulfilled wearing those cumbersome clothes at the turn of the century! Talk about the mood going…

Keep romance alive!!

“Acting is not very hard. The most important things are to be able to laugh and cry. If I have to cry, I think of my sex life. And if I have to laugh, well, I think of my sex life.” – Glenda Jackson

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