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Well here, we have it, a new leader in France and an ongoing contest here in America.

What I find fascinating, having visited France often and speaking French, is that the French   are able to deal with the private lives of their leaders in a direct matter of fact fashion while  we here in America cling to a hypocritical almost adolescent fascination and judgment of our leaders’ sexual lives. It is all just silly.

What is our problem?

How do we in the U.S. learn about sexuality and love? Mostly from what we saw at home and most of that was hush hush or that sex is to be viewed negatively…it’s dirty, sinful, or you must be careful messages.

The French on the other hand, revel in it, delight in it, and encourage people to enjoy that aspect of life, which is so important.

We here act like idiots when in love while the French seem to have a more mature response. Now no one is totally mature and should not be but when in love some maturity can be a plus.

Issues of who is in control and who to trust with your heart are all important here but in France, there seems to be less of that as problematic.

Every wife or partner is at times a mother, daughter and lover, while every man is a father, son, and lover. In the more grown up romances it is more lover-to-lover most of the time. In America, I believe we don’t see that in the majority of relationships. Pity! It can be such fun being equals!

Part of life and being “mature” demands that we live with ambiguity. Not easy… especially in our culture. We like fast easy solutions and we see things as black or white, good or bad. That doesn’t help matters.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my America and most of us don’t appreciate what we have here but I do think the areas of intimacy could be taught better.


I also believe that if that were the case we would not have our leaders searching for love in  all the “wrong” places. Just think of all the “scandals” with our leaders in just the last years. Shocking! Terribly sad too. But, the public likes to be voyeurs and they get a good dose of titillation as a result. Perhaps it augments their own dreary lives and also gives license to be “bad.”

This is not to say French leaders like Strauss-Kahn should be held up as fine upstanding individuals but they are more the exception than the rule. The alpha males in any species or culture spread their “seed” around. It is under what circumstances and how it is done that matters!

Let’s get to, America Lives!!

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